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Sexuality and Aging: Clinical Perspectives

An overview of sexuality among middle-aged and older adults including historical approaches and current research.


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Sexuality and Long Term Care: Understanding and Supporting the Needs of Older Adult

The first book to take a person-centered approach to resident sexuality in long-term care that addresses how long-term care facilities...

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Symptom Management Guideline: Intimacy and Sexuality

This clinical practice guideline discusses contributing factors, consequences, assessment and management of concerns for patients in regards to sexuality and...

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Staying Out of the Closet: LGBT Older Adults’ Hopes and Fears in Considering End-of-Life

The purpose of this study was to begin to fill the gaps in current research on LGBT aging and end-of-life...

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Woman Cancer Sex

Sexuality is an important part of life; during a cancer illness, sexuality is a real issue for women and their partners....

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Talking about sex, sexuality and relationships: guidance and standards

Developed in partnership by Together for Short Lives and the Open University Sexuality Alliance, ‘Talking about sex, sexuality and relationships:...

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Perspectives on the Final Stages of Life from LGBT Elders Living in Ontario

This report details the findings of a research project that investigated the health care experiences, barriers and needs of older...

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Sexuality Assessment for Older Adults

Nurses are in an ideal position to assess these normal aging changes, as well as disabling medical conditions and medications,...

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Breaking the Silence on Cancer and Sexuality: A Handbook for Health Care Professionals

This book is written for health care providers of all kinds – nurses, oncologists, social workers, physiotherapists – to help them...

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Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans People with Cancer

With a focus on cancer, this document uses case study examples from the perspective of an LGBT person, to highlight...

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